Streamlined workflow in an efficient workspace

M-Power™ makes Canon Medical’s sophisticated suite of MR software remarkably easy to learn and use, enabling technologists  of every skill level to access its full range of functionality. M-Power allows you to accommodate a higher patient volume while offering a wider range of clinical applications.

The ultimate, intuitive MR interface

Canon Medical’s intuitive M-Power user interface takes MR performance  and flexibility to an unprecedented level. M-Power  can be customized to your site-specific requirements to increase efficiency all the way from patient registration to reporting and archiving the clinical results.

Advanced post-processing as easy as 1-2-3

Advanced post-processing functions such as fMRI, spectroscopy, difussion or tensor tractography can be accessed directly on the main console using a simple, three-step process. These optional applications can be added as your clinical practice grows.


Atlas SPEEDER technology empowers the technologist

Compared to conventional coils, Atlas SPEEDER coil technology utilizes a unique combination of smaller elements, which deliver a higher signal-to-noise ratio, and larger elements  which  provide greater penetration. By simultaneously integrating up to 128 RF channels, Vantage Galan 3T provides better image quality throughout the entire imaging volume.

Positioning flexibility

  • Multiple coils can be used simultaneously creating flexibility for operators and comfort for patients
  • Convenient port locations mean that a large segment of exams can be performed feet first
  • 205 cm of table movement coupled with a sliding spine coil provides maximum  flexibility for operators and greater comfort for patients

Integrated workflow solution

Atlas SPEEDER™ coils are uniquely designed to improve workflow and patient comfort. Vantage Galan 3T easily handles multiple studies by allowing you to position the patient and utilize the coils you need in one easy step.


Automated, reliable and robust

With the complexity of scan planning, achieving scan plane reproducibility can be quite challenging and time-consuming. EasyTech technology helps you improve workflow with automatic slice alignment for cardiac, neuro and spine exams, standardizing your workflow with automatic positioning.


Achieve outstanding scan consistency for all your brain exams with NeuroLine+. The function’s intelligent alignment algorithm allows you to automatically set up according to AC-PC and OM line.


With its auto-locator functionality, SpineLine allows you to plan spine studies quickly and easily. Sagittal and coronal  locators allow you to set double-oblique slices, enhancing the reproducibility of follow-up exams.

Fast, high-quality cardiac exams

SUREVOI™ Cardiac and CardioLine+ allow you to significantly reduce the scan time and increase throughput. Challenging cardiac examinations can now be performed as part of your daily routine.


Automatic detection of heart and liver with a non-rigid model allows for full workflow automation from table positioning to the Real-time Motion Correction (RMC), probe placement and fully automated cardiac planning.


CardioLine+ automatically identifies the 14 standard cardiac planes including right and left ventricle, as well as the four cardiac valves in a single breath-hold scan.


Workflow-driven applications making your work easier

Canon Medical provides an advanced image processing environment that is designed to work in the most effective way with Vantage Galan 3T. Olea advanced  image processing technologies are available through the Vitrea™ workstation.

Vitrea multi-modality workstation

The Vitrea workstation is the foundation of Canon Medical’s advanced visualization. It includes 2D, 3D and 4D viewing with stitching and subtraction, 3D analysis for vascular and organ post-processing along with basic export and reporting tools.

MR advanced applications

The advanced applications provide access to enhanced clinical routine tools including Diffusion, Perfusion, Curve Kinetics with streamlined application workflows for a variety of target organs.






The MR Expert packages provide access to the latest and most advanced tools and application to expert users for a wide variety of neuro, cardiac, orthopedic and body examinations.