Achieving High Image Quality

High image quality is the most essential factor for MRI systems. Canon has developed a range of innovative technologies for Vantage Elan, especially with respect to magnetic field control, which is the key to high image quality.

  • The Advanced Magnet system ensures a highly homogeneous static magnetic field
  • Advanced Shielded Gradient Coil generates the most uniform gradient parameters
  • Canon’s unique RF technology transmits high-precision images with minimal noise
Image Quality

Comfortable Examinations for All

Vantage Elan provides comfort examinations for both operator and patient. M-Power™ helps you navigate effortlessly through each step of the study while Pianissimo™ Σ dramatically reduces acoustic noise to provide patients with a quiet scan.

  • PianissimoΣ enables quiet MRI examinations
  • M-Power guides operators based on clinical workflow, increasing operational efficiency
  • EasyTech provides quick and highly accurate scan positioning
Comfortable Examinations

Using Your Money Wisely

The extremely compact system reduces both construction and operating costs which saves you money. Moreover, Eco mode keeps running costs down and contributes to environmental conservation.

  • Requiring only a minimum footprint of 23 m2 it is the smallest in its class
  • Rapid installation: completed in as little as 5 days
  • Energy-saving design reduces power requirements by 68%
Saving you money