Innovative technology for sharper images with enhanced detail

Canon Medical’s intelligent Saturn gradient technology provides a more consistent image quality through increased gradient stability and precise center frequency control.

Increased gradient stability

With less vibration comes more stability, resulting in crisper images. Saturn technology delivers this through hardening the gradient coil with high-pressure molding. The result is a less signal blur and thus better image resolution.

Precise center frequency control

In Vantage GalanTM 3T, increased image sharpness is achieved through improved thermal stability and thus a more stable center frequency. Triple cooling layers suppress temprature increases under high load leading to more stable image quality over long scan sessions.

Crisper, clearer images for every clinical application

Canon Medical’s proprietary PURERF technology increases the signal-to-noise ratio of Vantage Galan 3T by up to 20 % for all clinical applications. The system’s improved RF transmit and receive efficiency helps raise your diagnostic confidence while shortening scan times.


Advanced shielding design

Canon Medical’s unique PURERF Tx techno- logy allows you to acquire sharper images with improved signal-to-noise ratio. Canon Medical’s novel shielding design is aimed at maximizing the efficiency of RF transmission.


PURERF Rx technology  employs a proprietary algorithm and reduces noise at the source. The result is an increase in SNR and improved image quality.


A richer set of images

Canon Medical’s industry leading non-contrast techniques allow for vascular imaging from head to toe, expanding patient access to MR angiography and dramatically  improving  patient safety. Multi-phase  transmission  technology provides outstanding homogeneity across all anatomical regions and clinical targets.

Seeing the unseen with UTE sequences

Extend the range of imaging to tissues traditionally difficult to capture in MRI. Ultra-short echo times now allow for imaging of tissues such as ligaments, tendons and lung tissue.

Multi-echo imaging in one breath-hold

Six echoes can be acquired within one breath-hold allowing for quantitative information while maintaining signal-to-noise and spatial resolution.


Capturing hemodynamics with mUTE* 4D MRA, 3 phase

Vantage Galan 3T’s Ultrashort Time Echo (UTE) sequences allow for less dephasing and more homogeneous vessel signals. At the same time, the multiple TI (4D) generates dynamic images visualizing the blood flow without the need for contrast agents. 

Contrast in your images, not in your patients

The risks associated with gadolinium-based  contrast agents has driven the need for alternative techniques. Our unique non-contrast MRA sequences that minimize risk while producing exceptional images.

*minimized acoustic noise utilizing UTE

Clinical image library

C-SPINE Routine


Brain 5 minute exam

Non-contrast MRCA

T2 mapping

Ankle UTE