Aplio me Sommeraktion 2024

In step with you

Aplio me is an inspiring, versatile platform that can easily adapt and grow with your clinical needs. The system’s thoughtful design and customizable operation allow you to tailor Aplio me to your exact needs. Its dedicated tools and consistently high imaging performance for numerous clinical applications can give you that extra reassurance with every exam.

Aplio me – a compelling solution, made for you, to help you manage your daily workload with performance, quality and ease of use.

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Aplio me is a flexible and lightweight Healthy Sonographer* platform with reduced footprint and extended battery operation that lets you be instantly ready to deliver anywhere, anytime.

Compact design

The lightweight, small footprint system fits easily into limited spaces and facilitates effortless movement anywhere, anytime to meet your patient needs wherever they may be.

W: 55cm D: 73cm H: 130~177cm


The wide swivel and height range of its panel and monitor, make Aplio me ergonomic and easy to use for all users in sitting, standing or mobile scanning situations.


Aplio me offers a set of highly versatile productivity features and a configurable, context-sensitive user interface that helps you optimize system operations for your specific needs.


Aplio me is a compact solution with an abundance of high-impact imaging capabilities, stretching from daily routine to advanced demands for a wide range of clinical applications. Packed with versatility, this powerhouse allows you to cover your complete spectrum of imaging needs with high levels of diagnostic reliability and economic efficiency.

Liver Ultra Wide View provides more information in one plane.

Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI) shows the fine detail of the kidney vascularity.

Liver analysis using Attenuation Imaging (ATI).

MSK subscapularis tendon detail using the PLU-1204BT (18L7) transducer.

Color Doppler Imaging (CDI) showing vascularity in and around the lesion.

Shear Wave Elastography (SWE) shows the difference in this breast fibroadenoma compared to the surrounding tissue.

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The subtle contrast between the chorionic villi and the uterine body is clearly seen in this early pregnancy.

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The placenta at 26 weeks is well visualized in the near field, with clear facial features seen in the fetus beyond the placenta.

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At 26 weeks, using Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF) to demonstrate the heart vasculature and clearly show the pulmonary vein.

Auto Doppler trace showing how quick and simple it is to get a measurement.

Auto GLS (Global Longitudinal Strain) (Quick Strain) provides multiple results that can be displayed by view/graph and polar map.

Pediatric liver with consistent homogenous imaging from near to far field and left to right across the entire image area.

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Prostate biopsy showing high resolution detail in B-mode and clear needle position.

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Luminance, helps to show a lifelike appearance closely resembling the appearance of the fetus.

Applications / Transducers


Aplio me comes preloaded with a selection of unique imaging optimization tools to make the most of your system from the very first moment.

Differential Tissue Imaging

This exclusive technology improves the frequency matching, beam density and focusing giving improved spatial and contrast resolution and uniformity.

Precision⁺ and ApliPure⁺

Canon‘s unique imaging technologies such as Precision⁺ and ApliPure⁺ can help you deliver remarkably smooth images with sharp outlines, improved uniformity and reduced clutter.

Ultra Wide View

This valuable function can facilitate better clinical insight immediately during the exam without sacrificing image quality or functionality.

Full Focus

The practical Full Focus feature provides clear, uniform images across all depths without the need for focus adjustment, so you can achieve greater uniformity with fewer adjustment steps.

Quick Scan

This everyday function with one-touch activation, provides real-time capability to analyze consecutive frames and constantly optimize gain and STC.

Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness)

Automated detection and measurement powered by AI helps you improve your workflow consistency and efficiency simply at the touch of a button.

Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF)

ADF offers superior spatial resolution at high frame rates to accurately depict flow with directional information even in tiny vessels.

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Smart 3D

With Smart 3D, you can easily acquire distinct 3D volumes in Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI) mode simply using a standard linear or convex transducer.


Whatever my patient list, Aplio me gives me the right transducers.

⁠Remote connection

Scan it. Show it. Share it.

Communication and sharing in a modern world is increasingly important. Simple, intuitive tools make sharing fast and efficient.


With ApliGate, ultrasound images can be viewed real time on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computer at anytime, anywhere.

In this way, ApliGate can help you to improve to teamwork and save costs, while delivering better diagnostic results.


The system’s Tricefy* option gives you direct access to cloud-based communication, image management and documentation.
With Tricefy, you can instantly share medical images and reports with referring doctors and patients.

* requires an additional third-party subscription and may not be available in all regions

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