UHR Hardware Technology

  • New tube with industry smalles focal spot
  • New 0.25 x 160 rows – Industry smallest
  • New miniturized DAS components
  • New gantry & couch with 2x tighter tolerance

UHR Reconstruction Innovations

  • New matrix, 1024 x 1024, 2048 x 2048
  • Optimized for UHR CT acquisitions
  • 150 micron, 50 lp/cm resolution
  • AIDR3D Enhanced optimized for UHR CT acquisitions
  • FIRST (MBIR) optmized for UHR CT acquisitions

UHR Application Innovations

  • New data sets that will take advantage of new Artificial Intelligence and Computational learning techniques
  • Image texture analysis algorithms
  • Possible early tumor detection, improved staging and treatments
  • Artificial intelligence and computational learning techniques will take advantage of big UHR CT datasets