Viamo combines premium imaging performance in a portable laptop system with a revolutionary, fully programmable touch screen user interface. It gives you direct access to a matchless host of imaging, quantification and workflow functions anyplace you need it.

Viamo’s monitor can be tilted and rotated for ­better viewing and improved accessibility. When turned and folded flat, Viamo can be fully operated via its touch screen.

You can customize Viamo’s touch screen and hard key functions to suit your specific clinical needs and personal preferences simply by reassigning functions to the keys of your choice.

Viamo innovation


Viamo’s touch panel allows you to operate the system conveniently and with ease. Virtually all controls on the touch screen as well as on the console are freely programmable to suit your individual requirements and preferences.

Viamo’s concise graphical user interface is divided into three zones: the control area, the navigation area and the extensive imaging area. This helps you to remain focused and to leverage the full diagnostic potential of the system at all times.

Viamo - The Personal Touch

1. Control Area

Viamo Control AreaThis user-programmable area holds all keys for the basic imaging and display modes as well as a thumbnail display with direct access to the ­on-board Exam Review function. In tablet mode it also contains the storage, freeze and trackball functions.

2. Navigation Area

Viamo Navigation AreaThis mode-sensitive area provides you with easy access to all system settings, measurements, body marks and annotations. Also advanced functions such as the innovative SonoSet workflow navigator are operated from here.

3. Imaging Area

Viamo Imaging AreaViamo’s pioneering Direct Touch technology ­allows you to adjust parameters such as gain, depth, focus or scale, as well as ROI size and ­position simply by sliding with your finger over the system’s extensive imaging area.


From imaging to quantification, from reporting to archiving, Viamo provides a full spectrum solution that helps you manage on-site and remote clinical studies more efficiently. And what’s more: all function can be accessed easily and conveniently via the touch screen.

Patient and Image Management SystemViamo is equipped with a full-featured patient and image management system (PIMS) with plenty of on-board storage capacity, full DICOM connectivity and comprehensive export functionality.

Exam ReviewExam Review allows you to review and compare images and clips acquired in the current or previous study in full resolution, next to each other or in multiple frames directly on the system.

Export clinical images as PDF report sheetsWith Viamo you can export your selection of clinical images as digital report sheets in PDF format to a USB memory stick – a convenient way to share results digitally with external partners.


Viamo - Height adjustableViamo’s height-adjustable pole cart is extremely slim and easy to maneuver.
Viamo - Retractable HandleIts retractable handle allows you to hand-carry Viamo conveniently wherever you go.
Viamo - Premium suitcase for secure transportationA premium suitcase is available for secure ­transportation.