Viamo connects a wide selection of standard and specialty transducers delivering superb image quality and responding with outstanding versatility to the broadest range of clinical applications.

Pulse SubtractionPulse SubtractionTM

Pulse Subtraction™ Tissue Harmonics provides you with supreme detail resolution and imaging contrast on all transducers and for all supported clinical applications.


Viamo’s unique TissuePure™ image enhancement technology reduces speckle noise while improving the visi­bility and continuity of structures. TissuePure ­enables you to perform advanced ­exams with greater ­image definition and clinical accuracy without compromising on patient access.


TwinView™ allows you to simultaneously assess and compare structural information in B-mode and hemodynamics in color Doppler or Power ADF.


ApliPure™ realtime compounding delivers ultrasonic images of outstanding clarity and detail ­in all modes, while preserving clinically significant markers. ApliPure+ further enhances image smoothness and detail delineation to an unrivalled level of performance. Both techniques can be combined with other imaging modes, such as color or spectral Doppler for even greater uni­formity within each application.

40cm Maximum Depth40cm Maximum Depth

Viamo’s 40 cm maximum depth setting allows you to image even the toughest of patients.

Directional Power ADFDirectional Power ADF

Directional Power ADF adds superior spatial resolution and low angle dependency to color Doppler and reveals minute vasculature with unprecedented accuracy and detail. Trapezoid Imaging extends your field of view for a better overview of the region of interest in both grayscale and color Doppler modes.

Viamo is ideally suited for all clinical applications where portability or space is an issue but diagnostic quality cannot be compromised.

Viamo’s one-touch QuickScan function helps you achieve greater workflow consistency in less time. With a simple push of a button, you can automatically optimize image quality in 2D and spectral Doppler modes with acoustic precision while ­suppressing white noise in echo-weak regions.

To give you the best in image quality and clinical versatility, Viamo shares its transducers with our premium cart-based range of diagnostic ultrasound systems.

Portability - QuickScan

Viamo allows you also to share specialty transducers with one of our premium cart-based systems through a full-size probe connector which is available for Viamo’s pole cart.

Viamo’s SonoSet function lets you carry out routine exams step by step by executing freely programmable protocols simply at the touch of a button.

Viamo integrates seamlessly into your clinical workflow by allowing you to fully document studies and procedures in DICOM format, also in remote locations.

Portability - SonoSet Function