The right balance between image quality and dose for every patient, from the youngest to the largest

GENESIS Edition transforms routine imaging to new levels of image detail and low contrast resolution – balanced for each clinical question at the right dose. A completely redesigned X-ray system from photon generation to beam distribution and detection is the basis of PUREViSION Optics. This results in a better balance between image quality and dose. Adaptive scatter correction removes scatter through intelligent modeling that preserves more primary photons for reconstruction as compared to a hardware-based approach.


  • X-ray Generation – Small focal spot imaging for a wider range of exams
  • X-ray Distribution – Adaptive Beam shaping optics ensure homogenous photon spread to maximize resolution for each clinical task while minimizing dose for patients of all shapes and sizes.
  • X-ray Transmission – GENESIS utilizes raw data based scatter modeling and correction technology to ensure uniform image quality. A smart approach compared to scatter grids which sacrifice primary photons before they are ever detected.
  • X-ray Detection – ThePUREVision Detector produces 40% more light to the photodiode. A breakthrough in scinilator production from a single praseodymium activated ceramic ingot.


Eliminating the workflow challenges of MBIR Integrated, easy to use, and fast

GENESIS Edition provides sharper image detail and lower patient dose with the world’s first fully integrated MBIR (Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction) solution.




FIRST utilizes forward projection iterations to deliver high-quality images with up to 82% dose reduction. A full volumetric reconstruction for routine clinical use can be obtained in just 3 minutes. Following Canon’s longstanding philosophy of minimizing dose while maintaining efficient clinical workflow, FIRST integrates seamlessly into your daily clinical practice.

Clinical image gallery


Superb brain image quality


Whole-brain perfusion with Dynamic Volume CT


ONE beat cardiac CT with high spatial resolution at only 0.26 mSv


Enhanced clinical confidence with SURESubtractionTM Lung


ONE volume chest scan of newborns: ultra-fast scan, ultra-low dose


Excellent image detail and low contrast resolution in the abdomen