More clinical detail in less time

At Canon we believe that only the best image quality allows you to make a diagnosis quickly and with confidence. Each of Xario’s unique imaging technologies provides you with better clarity and resolution by reducing noise, ­strengthening signal and improving visualization.

Canon’s distinctive iStyle™+ Productivity Suite enables faster exams and greater productivity by minimizing keystrokes, improving workflow and raising the consistency of exams. From imaging to quantification, from reporting to archiving, Xario offers a full spectrum solution that helps you manage your study data more efficiently directly on the console.


From standard models to specialty probes – all of Xario’s transducers deliver superb image quality and respond with highest flexibility to the widest range of clinical applications.


Clinical Images

Versatility in every aspect
From abdominal imaging to women’s health, from specialized exams to point of care applications – Xario delivers outstanding clinical performance for routine and advanced studies in a wide range of clinical settings.

More clarity for better clinical results
Xario 100 offers a wide range of clinically proven imaging ­options to ensure uncompromised clarity and detail in a wide range of clinical settings. Advanced tools provide deeper clinical insights whenever you require.

Reduce keystrokes, shorten exam time
QuickScan automatically optimises your image quality at a simple push of a button. Xario’s new Quick Start menu helps you adjust the imaging parameters to any specific clinical target while ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted workflow.