Smart Investment

Combining a 71cm wide bore with high end imaging technology migrated from our 3T portfolio, Vantage Orian packs everything you need into a 1.5T system with low energy consumption, a small footprint and dockable table for seamless patient handling.

ECO Space

Minimize investment in valuable floor space with a 25m2* footprint that excels in the 1.5T wide bore market.

*Without magnetic shielding. The minimum footprint may not be applied to some cases depending on each site.

ECO Mode Plus

With new technology that automatically minimizes power consumption by up to 21% when not scanning, Vantage Orian delivers a system that allows the potential to minimize unnecessary running costs.
ECO Table
ECO Table allows automatically activated low-power mode by lowering the couch to the home position (physically or at the console), when the dockable table is removed, or when the procedure is completed.
ECO Cooling system
Further reduces power automatically when the system is not operating through intelligent operation of the cooling compressor.