Enhance 1.5T MRI workflow

Vantage Fortian gets your MRI team moving by advancing productivity with reimagined workflow solutions that focus on saving time and boosting productivity.

Tablet User Interface for advancing 1.5T MRI productivity

From your first touch point with the patient the mobile tablet remotely confirms and integrates patient information. Minimize steps by being led through the set-up process and reduce the need for re-scans with accurate protocol planning.

Optimize 1.5T MRI efficiency with Ceiling Camera and Intelligent Monitor

Our Ceiling Camera solution transmits key information to be displayed on the Intelligent Monitor, confirms coil set-up and assists patient positioning.
The Intelligent Monitor installed in the gantry displays the bird’s-eye view captured by the Ceiling Camera. This assists in setting the optimal scan position without relying on the patient to move around.

Automated Landmark Setting

Displayed at the imaging site selected by Protocol Anatomical Selection (PAS)Imaging center line is determined from the PAS reserved on the tablet or the PAS registered on the console.

Standardize 1.5T MRI workflow with Auto Scan Assist

Auto Scan Assist standardizes your workflow with automated slice alignment for a range of exams including liver, prostate and whole spine. Utilizing Deep Learning and Machine Learning based automatic recognition, productivity is advanced to enhance procedural efficiency.

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ForeSee View

ForeSee View is an essential scan planning tool allowing you to preview slice planning in real time. Enabling planning from edge to edge in the region you wish to image, ForeSee View is particularly useful in anatomies that can be difficult to plan such as the pancreas, the heart, orthopedic joints, tortuous vessels and ligaments, and complex post-surgery vessels and arteries.

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Speed between patients with simpler cleaning

As procedure numbers increase so does the time required for cleaning. The new gloss coating allows for easier and faster cleaning which saves time between procedures, allowing you to quickly proceed to the next patient.