Design efficiency to meet your space and power consumption requirements

Vantage Elan’s compact size meets your operational needs by minimizing space and reducing construction costs.

One of the smallest MR systems with a compact footprint* of 23 m2

In addition to the reduced system size, the installation method, cooling method, and control cabinet have been innovatively redesigned.
Vantage Elan does not require a separate computer room.
The overall installation area is approximately 29% smaller than previous 1.5T systems.**

* The minimum footprint may not be applied to some cases depending on each site situation.
**Compared to Vantage Titan.

Rapid installation time – in as little as 5 days***

With a new installation, you can start using the system in as little as 5days after delivery. Downtime in installation work can be minimized.

*** This installation schedule is a standard schedule for the system and may vary depending on site situation and progress status of the installation.

Minimize power consumption with smart technology designed for efficient operation

Reduction in power consumption with ECO Mode

Vantage Elan’s ECO Mode reduces power consumption to minimize system operating costs. Among other methods, the ECO Mode can be automatically activated simply by lowering the couch to the floor.

The system can recover from ECO Mode within 1 second to be ready for scanning, quick enough to cope with even emergency patients and unscheduled examinations.