Achieving High Image Quality

The Advanced Magnet system ensures a highly homogeneous static magnetic field

The quality of MR images is dependent on the homogeneity of the static magnetic field generated by the superconducting magnet. Canon has developed the Advanced Magnet system, a key technology which generates a highly homogeneous static magnetic field and ensures a wide scanning range and stable image quality.

Advanced Magnet System Conventional
Advanced Magnet System Elan

Advanced Shielded Gradient Coil generates the most uniform gradient parameters

The performance of the gradient coil significantly affects image quality. Our Canon Advanced Gradient Shielded Coil System is a completely new concept, which replaces the conventional short gradient coil. Our new gradient coil minimizes eddy currents which results in clearer patient images.

Gradient Coil Design Conventional
Gradient Coil Vantage Elan

High performance DUE TO a micron-level cutting technology

Canon has developed a unique gradient coil cutting technology that cuts high-purity copper ingots into 3D shapes at the micron level. This technology ensures excellent stability and highly effective eddy current suppression.

Canon’s unique RF technology transmits high-precision images with minimal noise

The RF technology employed in Vantage Elan accurately receives the faint MR signals from the human body, immediately amplifies and then transmits them while suppressing noise, contributing to high image quality.

These high signals are then converted by direct digitization to make the MRI images.

Integrated RF Coils