High performance in image quality and speed must go hand in hand with efficient workflow. The Aquilion RXL has specifically addressed workflow integration to optimize productivity and enhance diagnosis.

SureCardio with PhaseXact


Delivers clear, accurate cardiac images and enhances patient throughput and workflow by automatically selecting optimum scan parameters.

  • Automated, clinically validated protocols provide the best temporal resolution regardless of patient heart rate or condition
  • Achieve consistent Cardiac CTA with adaptive, multi-segment reconstruction
  • Decrease patient scan time through protocol automation
  • Reduce view time and storage space with phaseXact, which automatically selects the cardiac phase with the least motion
SureCardio Scoring


Provides fast and easy evaluation of calcium based on non-contrasted, ECG-gated data directly from the Aquilion console.

  • Calculates Ca scores using the Agaston method and the volume mass method
  • A report and the representative images showing calcium are automatically generated


A comprehensive advanced visualization tool to assist clinicians in evaluating the characteristics inside the blood vessel.

  • Visualize coronary vessel anatomy and disease with ease using defined HU ranges
  • Quantify plaque burden and coronary remodelling non-invasively
  • Characterize lesions in the vessel wall as either calcified or non-calcified


Aquilion RXL supports Canon’s sophisticated suite of SURETechnologies and other advanced software tools to further increase clinical utility, and incorporates cutting-edge clinical application capabilities to meet customer needs.


Cardiac - PhaseXactSURECardio with phaseXact

Accurate cardiac images and enhanced workflow

Cardiac - Sure PlaqueSUREPlaque

Automated plaque visualization and characterization

Cardiac - Sure Cardio ScoringSURECardio Scoring

Fast and easy evaluation of calcium based on non-contrast ECG-gated data

Cardiac - Cardiac Function AnalysisCardiac Function Analysis

Calculation of various functional parameters, such as ejection fraction, wall motion, and cardiac output


Neuro - SubtractionSURESubtraction

Automated digital subtraction of intra-cranial vessels from bone

Neuro - CBP StudyCBP Study

Analysis of bloodflow characteristics from dynamic scan images and display of the results as map images


Body - Vessel ViewVessel View

Generation and display of CPR and cross-cut images of blood vessels

Body - Colon ViewColon View

Advanced analysis and reporting tools for CT colonoscopy, with display functions such as filet view, fly through, and polyp tagging

AquilionRXL_advancedApplications_01_bodyDentalAnalysisDental Analysis

Comprehensive dental MPR with easy-to-use tools for pre-operative planning

Body - Lung Volume AnalysisLung Volume Analysis

Quantification of low attenuation regions in lung tissue (regions of pulmonary emphysema)

Body - Fat Index viewFat Index View

Automatic calculation of the ratio of visceral to subcutaneous fat as a prognostic indicator of the risk of metabolic syndrome

Body - Sure FluoroSUREFluoro

Realtime reconstruction and display of fluoroscopic images for faster and safer
interventional procedures