Canon Medical introduces the Aquilion LightningTM / SP package

Canon Medical introduces the Aquilion LightningTM / SP package:
Delivering higher image quality faster at minimum radiation dose

Zoetermeer, February 27, 2017 – With Aquilion Lightning / SP package, Canon Medical introduces its new low-dose 80 row detector CT scanner at this year’s ECR (Booth #16, Hall X2). Building on the popular Aquilion Lightning platform the SP package is a faster and more economical scanner.

The new Aquilion Lightning / SP package allows users to scan with minimal X-ray dose thanks to the fully integrated iterative reconstruction algorithm AIDR 3D (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D ) Enhanced, which reduces dose in the clinical routine by up to 75%. Furthermore, the new low-dose PUREViSION detector achieves a significantly higher signal yield, which allows clinicians to reduce the amount of IV contrast, taking full advantage of the higher iodine signal at low-kVp exposures. The system’s large 78 cm gantry opening improves patient comfort and enhances patient access during image-controlled CT procedures. In addition, scanning of obese or traumatized patients is significantly easier.

The world’s first Aquilion Lightning / SP package was installed at the Department of Radiology in Bielefeld Hospital in Germany, headed by Professor Hans-Björn Gehl. “Our demands on the new system are very high. We want every patient to have a gentle examination and a reliable result in the shortest time possible. Hence we chose the latest technology,” said Professor Gehl. “When we commissioned the new Aquilion Lightning /SP package, we knew that it would be able to fulfill all our requirements.”

A faster way to more accurate images

Canon Medical’s Aquilion Lightning / SP package provides high-resolution images in the shortest time possible. Thanks to its 80-row detector, the system allows patients to be scanned faster with shorter breath hold time, facilitating the examination of numerous organs, including the lungs. The system’s compact design, lower power consumption and high performance makes it an attractive scanner in the popular range of mid-tier scanners.

Metal implants are no longer a problem

Metal implants, such as artificial hips or stents, have previously been detrimental to image quality, but with Aquilion Lightning / SP package this is no longer a problem. Delivered standard with the system, SEMAR™ (Single Energy Metal Artefact Reduction) technology reduces artefact effects so that the implant itself, as well as the surrounding tissue, can be assessed more clearly and accurately.

An easy-to-use, flexible solution

The system’s easy-to-learn software interface enabled the radiographers at Bielefeld Hospital to start using the new system very soon after installation. “This is particularly important, considering the amount of patients that are scanned daily,” said Professor Gehl.

The new Aquilion Lightning / SP package is flexibly scalable. Users can choose from a wide range of innovative applications to optimize the system to meet their specific needs and subsequently expand their diagnostic capability.

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