Take a holistic view of your Ultrasound patients

With new insights come new opportunities. Aplio i-series is a trusted premium ultrasound platform with powerful imaging, quantification and advanced analysis capabilities for a wide range of clinical specialties. Its particular strength is the consistent, robust performance and efficiency across a comprehensive range of clinical applications.


Early detection
The superior quality of imaging and contrast resolution that Aplio can offer is a fundamental requirement for the early detection of pathologies.


Advanced visualization
Aplio’s clinically proven screening and analysis tools are designed for ultrasound-based imaging and quantitative assessment in the daily routine.


Clinically proven quantification
Verified by clinical studies, Aplio’s wide range of quantification tools are safe and efficient instruments for staging of disease and follow-up of treatment.

Sophisticated intervention

Aplio’s dedicated transducers, imaging and navigation tools help you enhance confidence and accuracy during interventional procedures and in their follow-up.

Precise follow-up
In combination with the system’s onboard eporting, Aplio offers a wide range of quantification tools and the ability to directly compare with previous tests for reliable follow-up.

Multi Parametric Reporting
Aplio can combine the results of ultrasound and external exams into a single report for a more complete understanding of the disease status.

A complete multipurpose solution

Prism Edition is a truly multipurpose solution with consistently high-quality imaging, streamlined workflow and expert tools for a very wide variety of clinical specialties. Its modular concept and the fully programmable user interface make it easy to customize features and functions to exactly meet your needs now and into the future.

A comprehensive suite of tools that covers all aspects of women’s health from assisted reproduction to full IOTA support makes Aplio a powerful solution for gynecological applications.

Aplio makes echo easier with its excellent image sharpness and the automation of time-consuming measurements.

Outstanding image detail and definition with up to 33 MHz transducers and shear wave for tendons make the system ideal for high-quality MSK and nerve imaging.

As the recognized market leader in the high-end radiology segment, Aplio i-series is characterized by its excellent image quality, comprehensive diagnostic packages and a wide range of interventional tools.

Aplio delivers excellent imaging in obstetrics, especially in difficult-to scan, high BMI patients. AI-based, automated algorithms support fast and reliable diagnostics.

While dedicated transducers ensure excellent imaging for vascular applications, automated scan protocols and measurements help you improve efficiency and consistency.