Alphenix solutions for interventional radiology and oncology

As interventional procedures and oncology treatments increase in complexity, Alphenix flexibility supports you in delivering the best possible outcome to your patients.

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Move the system, not the patient

Whether in a cath lab, hybrid suite or in an operating room, Alphenix is designed around the concept that not every procedure is the same. The range of C-arm positioners provide coverage from head-to-toe and fingertip-to-fingertip.


Enhanced workflow to give you greater control and flexibility

Alphenix floor- and ceiling-mounted C-arms support complex interventional procedures with an unprecedented range of patient access and full-body coverage. The new tableside Alphenix Tablet gives you control right at your fingertips to deliver a faster, more seamless and richer work experience. The new feature-rich Alphenix Workstation better integrates applications to help you plan, analyze and perform procedures.


Navigate with confidence and accuracy

Comprehensive planning tools allow for quick and intuitive analysis prior to embolization procedures. Using 3D volume data to select the tumor and define the corresponding feeding vessels, this information as an overlay can be viewed during live fluoro of the procedure. In multi-phase Alpha CT, visualization of contrast media corresponds to arterial, venal and capillary blood flow providing valuable insight in identification of hepatic tumor feeding vessels.


Visualize features and devices as never before

An improved imaging chain with new hardware and software technologies provide you with faster and more assured visualization. Superimpose 3D volume data on the live fluoro display to safely see and perform procedures with confidence.


See more of interest, with less exposure

Alphenix features an improved imaging chain, including Illuvis noise reduction technology, provides cleaner, sharper, more defined images during stent placement, embolization or ablation procedures while minimizing dose. Further dose management tools include DoseRite Spot ROI to reduce dose outside the region of interest while still allowing visualization of the surrounding anatomy to aid device placement and DoseRite Spot Fluoro to significantly reduce patient dose as well as scatter radiation to clinical staff using asymmetric collimation.

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Comprehensive dose management tools benefit patients and clinical staff

Advanced hardware significantly reduces patient dose and scatter radiation offering greater protection for the patient and clinical staff. Real-time software tools help eliminate unnecessary exposure to minimize dose and improve workflow. Enhanced dose tracking tools allow real-time estimated peak skin dose monitoring and archiving. Real-time monitoring and visualization of dose allows the operator to choose a different approach during a long procedure, to avoid regions where dose thresholds have been exceeded.


The smart investment choice

Whatever your clinical needs, versatile space-saving configurations make refitting existing suites an economical option. Alphenix systems seamlessly integrate into your HIS and PACS networks. Improvements in functionality, speed and workflow efficiency boost system utilization and productivity. In addition, lower energy consumption, flexible upgrade options and Canon Medical’s industry-recognized customer service, all help you get the best out the system once installed.

System Options

Flexible Configurations to Address Your Clinical Needs

Developed in collaboration with leading clinicians, Alphenix offers a range of C-arm positioners designed to offer unprecedented access to your patient.

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(Floor-mounted multi-access single-plane system)
Provides unmatched flexible patient access, the five-axis floor-mounted C-arm is ideally suited for a wide range of interventional applications.


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Features a unique ceiling-mounted C-arm to provide longitudinal and lateral coverage to support upper extremity examinations.

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(Advanced ceiling-mounted system)
Advanced ceiling-mounted C-arm offers unprecedented flexibility and full body 3D imaging capability with faster acquisition, fewer artifacts and less contrast agent.


(Ceiling-mounted and integrated with hybrid OR)
A ceiling-mounted suspended C-arm system dedicated for use with an operating table.

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(Advanced ceiling-mounted system integrated with hybrid OR)
Dedicated for use with an operating table, advanced ceiling-mounted C-arm offers unprecedented flexibility and full body 3D imaging capability with faster acquisition, fewer artifacts and less contrast agent.

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(Multi-access biplane system)
Combines the exception flexibility of a floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted C-arm combination, the biplane system is the ideal choice in complex interventional procedures.

Detector size choices

Alphenix interventional angiography systems are available with a choice of flat panel detectors sizes to suit your coverage needs.

8”x8” (20cm x 20cm)
Compact detector ideal for dedicated cardiac procedures.

12”x12” (30cm x 30cm)
Offers a good balance between anatomical coverage and projection flexibility in mixed applications.

12”x16” (30cm x 40cm)
The size of choice for angiography when a larger field size is required.

Table choices

Multiple table options are available that facilitate positioning flexibility and clinical procedure to support your needs.


Expanding Interventional Radiology with the Highest Image Quality

“The system is really addictive. I cannot think how to treat my patients without the Alphenix 4D CT.”
Prof. Franco Orsi, Head of the Interventional Radiology department, IEO, Milan, Italy.

Sky’s the Limit for Royal Bournemouth with Alphenix Sky Ceiling-Mounted System

“The system has been really intuitive to use and we have received really good apps support from the Canon Medical team.”
Anne-Marie Jenkins, X-ray and Ultrasound Service Manager at Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Alphenix 4D CT – Cutting-Edge Innovation in one Single Room

“With good results and low morbidity the techniques possible with the Alphenix 4D CT system provide high-quality patient care at low medical cost.”
Prof. Alban Denys, Head of Interventional Radiology at CHUV.

The Alphenix 4D CT – More Treatments in a More Accurate Manner

“With Canon’s new Angio CT system, we have become more efficient and have been able to shorten the waiting times significantly for several interventions.”
Dr. Olle Haller, Head of Interventional Radiology, Gävle Central Hospital, Sweden.

Maximum Efficiency, Prioritized Patient Safety and Increased Revenue with Canon Medical’s 4D CT Technology

Osman Ahmed, MD Section of Vascular and Interventional Radiology Department of Radiology University of Chicago Medical Center

Yiemeng Hoi, PhD, Dale Marek, RT(R), Mark Hohn, Andrew Kuhls-Gilcrist, PhD, DABR Medical Affairs, Interventional X-ray Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc.

The Largest Radiology Center in Korea Increases the Success Rate of Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE)

Dr. Jung, Chief of Intervention Center at the Human Medical Imaging & Intervention Center, Korea.

Improved Utilization Following Conversion of a Fluoroscopy Suite to Hybrid CT/ Angiography System

Nicholas Feinberg, MD, Brian Funaki, MD, Mark Hieromnimon, BS, Samuel Guajardo, RT, Rakesh Navuluri, MD, Steven Zangan, MD, Jonathan Lorenz, MD, and Osman Ahmed, MD