Redefining radiation oncology service provision

Broaden your business horizons

The Aquilion Exceed LB is a smart, efficient solution which is designed to enhance your operations with fast installation, high reliability, and low energy requirements.

Easy installation and integration

Thanks to its compact gantry and small footprint, the Aquilion Exceed LB can fit into most standard radiation oncology suites without the need for major building renovation or adaptation.
Installation is fast, cost-effective and efficient, and can be completed with minimal disruption to your department.

More than radiation therapy planning

The Aquilion Exceed LB has been designed to help physicians make the most of its speed, accuracy, and flexibility in a range of settings. The system can also be connected to your Vitrea imaging solution for additional ease and fast access to clinical insights.

Fast and flexible positioning

Not only does the Aquilion Exceed LB’s ultra-wide bore enable fast and flexible positioning, it also ensures that patients of nearly any size and condition can be scanned comfortably. The system accommodates bariatric patients so you can provide a more inclusive and wide-ranging service.

Straightforward CT Fluoroscopy

Equipped with a hybrid CT fluoroscopy function for one-handed operation, with ergonomically designed controls and a versatile touchscreen, the Aquilion Exceed LB enables more space between the needle probes and CT gantry for more confident needle placement. It also comes with Canon Medical’s Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D (AIDR 3D), so you can optimize the speed and safety of low-dose biopsies and interventional procedures.

Expand your clinical capabilities

The Aquilion Exceed LB has been designed for improved productivity to take your service delivery to the next level. The system is reliable, cost-efficient, and backed by expert technicians, remote service solutions, as well support from your local engineering and clinical application teams for additional opportunities to increase your clinical offering.

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