Mobile and Lightweight without sacrificing image quality

Practical considerations can make or break the utility of mobile digital X-ray technology. Being versatile and physically manageable is key for mobile equipment. With its lightweight, wireless and portable flat panel detector unencumbered by restrictive cables, Mobirex is designed to provide you with the freedom you need to acquire only the best digital images.

Flat panel

Why choose between mobility or Image quality? Have both.

Mobirex effectively synchronizes detection and image processing functions to provide clearly defined contrast and spatial resolution. It features:

  • Inbuilt dedicated and tuneable algorithms that provide maximum clarity and consistency ensured for every image; pre-settings speed up and optimize the examination.
  • Fast image display – within 3 seconds, making sure image acquisition, workflow and patient comfort due to shorter examination times are all maximized.
  • Optimal processing that delivers a crisp display without edge or shadow artefacts ensuring subtle and important details are clearly visible, with rich contrast and grey  level, and maximum dynamic range.
  • The ability to detect a range of tissue types from lung to soft tissue and bone, and harmonize the various images.

Motion Controls

Forward and reverse motion controls located on the tube handle provide accurate positioning without the need to return to the main console.


Convenient storage helps keep anti-scatter X-ray grid and wireless flat panel detector within reach of the main console.


Mobirex also accommodates larger patients: the large-capacity, inverter-type, high-voltage generator enables high X-ray tube output, whilst the radiation exposure indictor keeps a check on the dose provided.

Digital Acquisition

Because digital acquisition indicates the dose administered per image, you can closely monitor each radiation dose exposure and optimize the safety of your patients and staff. All imaging parameters are automatically stored with the image acquisition.

Infrared remote

An infrared remote control makes the process user-friendly and accurate.

Rotating x-ray tube

A rotating X-ray tube that revolves, tilts and extends to achieve the optimal angle.

Collision Protection

Mobirex has collision protection to ensure maximum protection for both patient and operator.