Comprehensive and Patient-friendly

Modern MRI scanners have a wide bore to accommodate obese patients and reduce claustrophobia. In order to enable a wide bore construction, it is common practice to completely redesign the magnet. However in most cases the most important specification, magnet homogeneity, is compromised. For the Vantage Titan, Canon kept the magnet of the Vantage version that has a 60 cm bore, but ­redesigned the gradient coil, maintaining the original magnet specifications. The result is a wide bore system without any compromise to image quality.

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Extraordinary patient comfort

  • Short 149 cm bore
  • 71 cm patient opening
  • Feet-first positioning from neck and below
  • 30 dB acoustic noise reduction
  • 43 cm low patient couch
  • Light and flexible patient coils
  • Space for every patient
  • > 30 cm nose-bore clearance

Extraordinary user comfort

  • Quiet work environment
  • Easier patient access
  • Simpler patient positioning
  • Reduced installation work (no need for acoustic noise measures)
  • Integrated armrests for easy needle application
  • Infusion stand mounted on the gantry
Large Knee Coil