Productivity unlimited

From imaging to quantification, from reporting to archiving, Canon Medical Systems provides a full-spectrum solution that helps you manage your study data more efficiently. Thanks to the system’s embedded raw data functionality you can review, analyze, report and archive your clinical data anytime with no loss of functionality.

Unprecedented detail, more precise diagnostics

Each of Xario’s unique imaging technologies provides you with better image quality. All functions work hand in hand with other imaging modes for even greater uniformity within each application.

Fully customizable console

Xario’s console and mode-sensitive touch screen suit your clinical needs and personal preferences simply by allowing you to assign functions to the keys of your choice.

Instant image optimization

QuickScan automatically optimises the image with a simple push of a button so you can achieve greater consistency in your exams in less time.

Reduce keystrokes, shorten exam time

Xario’s new Quick Start menu helps you adjust the imaging parameters to any specific clinical target while ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted workflow.

Cable-free operation without compromise

Xario 200G combines comprehensive clinical performance with outstanding mobility and cable-free operation. While the system is ready to use in just 2 seconds, its wirelessly connected peripheral devices eliminate cables that delay you from moving the system around your facility.

Powerful battery

Xario 200G offers total freedom with extended battery life, allowing you to provide optimum patient care anywhere, anytime.

Smart standby

The system’s presetable auto-freeze and -standby modes help you save valuable battery time, while ultra-fast boot-up of just 2 seconds lets you start your exam instantly.

Wireless operation

Peripheral devices can be operated wirelessly to avoid tangled cables and to further enhance your efficiency in mobile scanning situations.

Cable management

Xario’s smart cable management system helps you make an end to tangled wires and lets you move the system more easily and safely.

Transducer connectors

Xario’s slim probe connectors with large lock levers and active port indicator simplify both workflow and transducer selection.

Better design

Designed to help you manage ultrasound examinations on the move efficiently, the optional peripheral basket stores all the wireless devices for the system.