Expand your clinical capability

From complex to routine, Aquilion Prime SP is designed to keep pace with your work list, with new standards of image quality provided at the right dose for every patient. An expansive suite of protocol integrated application solutions enables the seamless and rapid adoption of the most advanced CT procedures into your clinical practice. Aquilion Prime SP can automate complex exams while delivering high quality data.


Aquilion Prime SP brings routine imaging to new levels of image detail and low contrast resolution – balanced for each clinical question at the right dose. A completely redesigned X-ray system from photon generation to beam distribution and detection is the basis of PUREViSION Optics. This results in a better balance between image quality and dose. Adaptive scatter correction removes scatter through intelligent modeling that preserves more primary photons for reconstruction as compared to a hardware-based approach.

Patient speci­fic beam shaping fi­lters provide an optimized X-ray spectrum and more homogenous distribution, improving low contrast detectability and lower overall dose requirements.


  • X-ray Generation – Small focal spot imaging for a wider range of exams
  • X-ray Distribution – Adaptive Beam shaping optics ensure homogenous photon spread to maximize resolution for each clinical task while minimizing dose for patients of all shapes and sizes.
  • X-ray Transmission – Prime SP utilizes raw data based scatter modeling and correction technology to ensure uniform image quality. A smart approach compared to scatter grids which sacrifice primary photons before they are ever detected.
  • X-ray Detection – ThePUREVision Detector produces 40% more light to the photodiode. A breakthrough in scinilator production from a single praseodymium activated ceramic ingot.

Clinical capabilities you can rely on

The right dose for every patient at the right level of diagnostic image quality with every examination de­fines CT imaging on the Aquilion Prime SP.

AIDR* 3D Enhanced

The right dose for the right diagnosis

The protocol integration of exposure controls and AIDR 3D Enhanced iterative reconstruction solution, automatically ensure excellent image detail at signi­ficant dose savings for the patient.

*Adaptive lterative Dose Reduction


More kidney-friendly examinations

Aquilion Prime SP allows for automated kV selection based on the patient’s size and the clinical task selected. As part of Canon Medical’s SUREExposureTM technology, this function can help optimize the use of iodine contrast, decreasing cost and patient risk.

SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction)

Worry-free metal imaging

Dose-neutral SEMAR utilizes a sophisticated reconstruction technique to remove artifacts caused by metal and thus improves visualization of the implant, supporting bone and adjacent soft tissues for clearer and more confi­dent diagnosis.

Robust Cardiac CT Examinations – Automated, Adaptive and Easy

Cardiac CT imaging has never been more robust than with the Aquilion Prime SP. The intelligent SURECardio* engine is coded with the experience of thousands of cardiac examinations, ensuring scan and exposure parameters adapt exactly to your patients in real-time.

Prospectively gated ultra helical cardiac CTA

Prospectively Gated Ultra Helical

Combining the advantages of helical scanning with ECG narrow phase exposure, SURECardio Prospective off­ers excellent z-axis uniformity, short scan times, and the low dose advantages delivered by prospective ECG scanning.

The Canon Medical Advantage

SURECardio Prospective: Faster Scan for reduced contrast requirements and superior temporal uniformity.

Step & Shoot: Longer scan time and temporally misaligned segments.

Oncology Imaging – From Early Detection to Treatment Response

Aquilion Prime SP empowers your ability to detect, stage and track tumors with color iodine maps* available for every routine multi-phased liver exam.

Aquilion Prime SP’s accessible gantry design, 4D respiratory-gated acquisition* capability and powerful advanced imaging applications deliver an ideal oncology solution from early detection and planning to intervention and treatment response vertifi­cation.

Outstanding lesion detectability with SURESubtractionTM ’s unique differential iodine enhancement.

Easy patient access with 78 cm Large Bore 70 cm extended FOV*                                         Workflow-automated volumetric CTF* with iterative reconstruction

Wouldn’t you like to ensure high quality diagnostic results, no matter the complexity of the examination or the patient’s clinical condition?

Adaptive Diagnostics is Canon Medical’s patient centric suite of unique imaging solutions that simplify complex protocols and provide consistent quality results. These solutions improve workfl­ow and decrease scanning complexity for the technical team.

Subtraction CTA*

Superior visualization in CTA with true subtraction of bone and calcification.

Iodine Mapping*

Clearly defined perfusion with color blood flow maps as a result of advanced registration and subtraction.


SURECardio Prospective helical acquisition can adapt to your patients’ heart rate automatically even overcoming unexpected arrhythmia.


Easily combined gated and non-gated acquisition for fast and low-dose TAVR exams.


Improved visualization of bone and soft tissue – Single energy raw data based metal artifact reduction.

DE Tissue Characterization*

Tissue Characterization with easy-to-use Dual Energy scanning.