high performance, highly economical

The Aquilion Lightning / SP Package employs cutting-edge technology to optimize patient care and to accelerate clinical decision-making. Innovative features ensure that you can acquire high-quality images routinely at very low patient dose.


40 % more efficient detector

The system’s 80 row PUREViSION  detector  with industry-leading  0.5 mm element size delivers razor-sharp, fully isotropic images in all planes. By making more efficient use of X-rays, the innovative PUREViSION  detector allows you to minimize patient dose while improving image quality.


Fast ultra-helical scanning

Shifting from 64 to 80 detector rows with up to 160 slices with the Aquilion Lightning / SP package results in shorter scan times with reduced iodine volumes, less motion artifacts and higher quality imaging.

Three examinations in one

Being able to change imaging parameters and table speed within the same exam saves time, dose and cost. Combining up to three protocols into one single scan helps you making excellent use of contrast media while reducing patient dose and motion artifacts.

Helping you economize on space and energy consumption

Aquilion Lightning / SP Package has been thoughtfully engineered to meet today‘s economic challenges. With a gantry design focusing on smaller installation space and lower energy consumption, Aquilion Lightning /SP Package provides you more space to work in.