Canon makes an important contribution in cardiac treatment. For more than 25 years, our Vitrea family of software solutions have helped clinicians deliver better care by helping diagnose conditions such as coronaries artery diseases, valve diseases or left side heart failures.

CT Multi-Chamber CFA utilizes CT images of the heart to assist youin assessing cardiac function of the heart’s individual chambers. It allows for the visualization of a beating heart

CT Myocardial Perfusion enables the visualization and analysis of perfusion deficits in the myocardium. Semi-automated segmentation and registration are available in a streamlined workflow.

CT SUREPlaque provides the visualization and measurement of vessel walls and plaque characteristics in arterial vessels. It can assist in the stratification of patients identified with atherosclerosis.

CT Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) Planning assists with the assessment of the aortic valve and in pre-operative planning and post-operative evaluation of transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedures.

Medis Suite CVMR is a post-processing suite allowing for efficient and easy processing of Cardiovascular MR cases. It includes the industry-leading QMass® and QFlow® analytical applications for quantifying images. Together with Vital’s 3D MRA capabilities, this integration provides a full set of tools for the post-processing of cardiac MR cases.