The increase in Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) due to a growing population, whether sports-related or simply because of the normal aging process, is creating a significant burden on the health system. All MSD combined, caused 21.3% of the total years lived with disability globally. The result: more patients with limited mobility and dexterity problems, leading to early retirement from work, reduced accumulated wealth, and reduced ability to participate in social roles.

Our elite sporting club partners FC Barcelona, Manchester United, and Real Madrid work with us to further understand the prevention and management of sports-related injuries using leading-edge medical imaging in the elite athlete environment, that supports accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment regimens to maximize performance. Leveraging this knowledge and combining it with the use of readily available imaging technology, clinical skills, and experience, our partners and we develop new knowledge and techniques, which allow the medical fraternity to support sports enthusiasts to maximize their sporting enjoyment, whether amateur or professional, young, or not so young.

What we can do for you and your MSK patients:

  • CT | Provide high-resolution imaging to better isolate the cause of pain and immobility.
  • CT | 4D CT imaging of joints to provide a more accurate scope of the pathology.
  • SportsMed | Provide knowledge, clinical skills, and techniques, developed with our elite sporting club partners FC Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid.
  • CT | Our innovative Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction (SEMAR) technology, which eliminates metallic artifacts, improves visualization of implants, supporting bone and the adjacent soft tissue.
  • CT | Iodine subtraction and spectral capability for opportunistic screening and gout evaluation.
  • Angiography | Hybrid imaging to better localize the site for interventional studies including injections.
  • Ultrasound | Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI) to provide a clearer picture of hyperemic areas that require a more interventional study or to measure treatment response.
  • HIT |3D printing ability.
  • MRI | MRI sequences that reduce scanning times which both increase patient throughput and supports patient comfort.
  • MRI | MRI sequences that are designed to quickly and efficiently identify disease.


“Muscle fiber injuries are practically our daily business and can be ideally covered with Canon Medical’s ultrasound system”.

Dr. Thomas Hoffelner
Trauma Surgeon and Team Doctor for Red Bull Salzburg, Austria.

“The ability to detect pre-symptomatic changes in the cartilage by quantitative T2 mapping may facilitate early implementation of preventative strategies thereby prolonging athletic performance and the long-term health of the joint beyond the playing career.”

Dr. Steve McNally
Head of Football Medicine & Science Manchester United,
Manchester, United Kingdom